Walla Walla – Wine + Food = Great Flavor

The Adventure Nest is both an attitude and a physical place. Instead of having an “empty nest”, we are a couple living the adventure nest life – exploring and meeting wonderful people and places along the way.

Saviah winery – such great people and wine that we joined their club!

Walla Walla, Washington, four hours past wheat fields from Portland, Oregon – is our first stop on this road trip life. The home of over a hundred wineries now, the area has changed from farm in the middle of nowhere, to winery tourist destination with wonderful restaurants to enjoy as well.

Our two favorite wineries in town are Saviah and Rotie. Both offer tastings with terrific staff to help you appreciate each wine and find your favorites. Our Saviah fave is The Stones Speak – a Syrah from the rocks district. If you try it, let us know what you think!

A great tasting at Saviah – thanks Tony!

Rotie cellars’ tasting room is downtown in Walla Walla (it’s tiny and cute downtown) and works best if you call ahead. They also have a tasting room in Seattle, if you’re a big city lover. They create Rhône varieties and blends and I’ve never had one that’s not delicious.

Our campsite meal with Rotie Northern Blend

Our go-to camp meal: pasta with sautéed sausage, squash, tomatoes and red onion in pesto sauce. Made even more delish with great wine! What’s your signature camp meal?

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  1. I love reading this blog and enjoying Rene and Michael’s adventures as they go across country. I feel like I am right there with them enjoying every minute of their time.

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