The Adventure Nest alive

The Adventure Nest is both an attitude and a physical place. Instead of having an “empty nest”, we are a couple living the adventure nest life – exploring and meeting wonderful people and places along the way.

Have you ever wanted to go exploring?

Most of us have fantasized about selling our years of accumulated stuff and taking off – no bills, no schedule, just the freedom of seeing new places and making discoveries together.  

We had this fantasy, too – so we are living it! We are traveling the US in our only home – our adventure nest – and we call it the luscious feeling of owning little and exploring much. We invite you along!

The roof  top tent that started it all 

Our adventure nest is also a comfy roof top tent we call home. Deciding to live full time on the road was exciting, but the two of us had very different ideas of what “home” would look like. There’s a shocker! While I fantasized about gorgeous diy camper vans with wooden floors and hand made tiles, Mike’s bottom line was a car that ‘s fun to drive – which meant not pulling a trailer or driving a van. Damn.

Enter the roof top tent. It stays on top of your car, and therefore almost any medium size car will do the job. Mike settled on a Mazda CX-9 for the “zoom” factor and Rene settled on the Roof Nest brand of roof top tent.

Why Roof Nest

Roof Nest is the brand of our roof top tent home.

There are lots of roof top tents and they’re getting more popular all the time, especially in the northwest. Some are canvas and quite like a ground tent, but are based on the car top. Others are hardshell and have less space, but are set up and taken down in a snap. These things are expensive though, if you’re comparing to your REI family camping tent. This is either the most expensive tent ever, or the cheapest camper ever – whichever thinking makes you happy!

The Roof Nest brand is almost exactly like a couple of other brands (ahem, Tepui) but a bit less expensive, plus we got a bargain on last year’s model. Here are the pros and cons we thought we knew before we actually lived in the tent:


Ease of set-up and take-down / ease of mounting on “almost any car” with a standard roof rack / dry sleeping in the rain / no worries about taking down when wet outdoors / little impact on driving fun


Small interior might feel squished / going up and down a ladder at night is inconvenient / not able to stand up or change clothes in the tent / no storage

As it turned out, the mounting and the ads of “will fit on any car” are a bit over simplified and this was definitely NOT a pro, while all the other positives we expected, have turned out to be true.  

On the con side, the tent isn’t small at all. It feels surprisingly huge inside and is very roomy for sleeping, as well as having quite a bit of storage. We have four hanging pockets for items as well as a cargo net that came with the tent – so not as many cons as we imagined.

BUT – The ladder! THAT will be a deal breaker for many. We placed extra strips of rubber on each rung to create grip and soften the climb, but if you need to exit the tent at night or bare foot, it is definitely the biggest negative.

Our best addition? Twinkle lights around the ceiling inside. Gotta have the twinkle!

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  1. WOW ! That’s looks exciting for young people.
    I would never make it up and down the ladder
    Especially at night.
    Look 👀 forward to seeing you !
    Aunt Martha

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