Packing for full-time Nest living

The Adventure Nest is both an attitude and a physical place. Instead of having an “empty nest”, we are a couple living the adventure nest life – exploring and meeting wonderful people and places along the way.

Our life in the back of a Mazda CX-9, includes tennis rackets and a wine carrier. What are the weird things on your must-have list?

Living in our roofnest tent, rather than weekend camping, requires a lot of thought about what to pack in our itty bitty space. The obvious camping supplies of course, but if this setting is months long, I didn’t want to be constantly digging to find what I wanted, nor did I want to do without luxury – at least some luxury. For Mike the drive experience of the Mazda was essential, and so is a wine carrier and tennis rackets.

For me, the organization of the packing, comfort of my camp chair, and fun items in my kitchen box make me feel more like I’m living my life, and not on an extended camp out. So the matching plates and stemless wine glasses with pink flamingoes go a long way to make my day! Our good friends surprised us with a terrific camp kitchen tub holding these items and many others, so while I ogled the pricey slide-out chuck boxes online, we get love from our friends every time we reach into our kitchen tub!

Feeling right at home.

My best move is using a large trunk organizer instead of a suitcase or large backpack or duffle. The trunk organizer paired with packing cubes gives me quick access to clothes and toiletries I need without the digging.

And you know how you wish someone would just tell you the BEST cooler and camp chair so you don’t have to do the research? Well it’s your lucky day because Mike is a researcher, remember?

Best large cooler = igloo max with ice for FIVE days!

Best camp chair for the money is the super comfy sportsman warehouse “sportsman high back chair” at $60.00.

The perfect dessert

Lastly, we didn’t forget our roasting sticks – for the best dessert of our nest life.

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