Glacier National Park

The Adventure Nest is both an attitude and a physical place. Instead of having an “empty nest”, we are a couple living the adventure nest life – exploring and meeting wonderful people and places along the way.

Arriving at Glacier National Park as the sun goes down.

Our first big stop, as we settled into our roofnest home, was Glacier NP for four days of beautiful views and hiking. Here we found out that the nest is dry even in a pretty good rain, and there are too many wonderful hikes to name.

Secrets of seeing Glacier

Snagging a campsite at Glacier requires a bit of planning, since all of the sites are first come / first served. We arrived by 9:30am and our first two choices of campgrounds were full. We stayed at Avalanche campground, farther afield from the entry crowds, but with hiking trails right from the campground and a park shuttle stop. Using the park shuttle is a great way to save time and frustration, as well as helping to decrease the traffic congestion. Catching the shuttle early in the morning means a short wait, but don’t rely on the last shuttle of the day, as those are the most crowded and you could be without a seat.

Avalanche Lake

Two great hikes under 6 miles you shouldn’t miss are Avalanche Lake, and St Mary’s Falls. Avalanche lake trail has cooling shade, which you need as there is also significant elevation gain. St Mary’s trail connects with Baring Falls and Virginia Falls to make a longer, gorgeous, but shade-free hike.

Beautiful falls along the St Mary’s trail, with many falls to see.

Don’t forget your backpack of what if’s! What if we can swim? What if it rains? What if we get stuck and need food ? What if …..

What are the what if’s in your backpack?

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