Can’t get enough of Glacier NP

The Adventure Nest is both an attitude and a physical place. Instead of having an “empty nest”, we are a couple living the adventure nest life – exploring and meeting wonderful people and places along the way.

We didn’t see a moose this trip, but we did see beautiful deer and a mama grizzly with cubs.

Several hikes in Glacier cover territory burned in an earlier forest fire, that is now recovering. Don’t shy away from a burn site hike, though, as the landscape has its own interesting beauty. The wildflowers blooming among the dead trees can’t help turning your mind to the future.

Literally hundreds of miles of hiking trails are available in Glacier and the beauty of them all makes it hard to choose your daily adventure. Review the ranger notes each morning, as some trails will be noted with significant bear activity, while there may be others closed due to smoke or even overuse. At Glacier, the park takes its bear protection seriously. Bear spray is an important hiking accessory, especially in a group of four or fewer, or while backpacking.

Rangers also patrol the campgrounds to enforce the bear-safe rules of zero tolerance for items being left unattended in a campsite: food, water, containers for food and water, cooking equipment, coolers, or scented products. Even your water bottle needs to be attended, in your car, or in the bear safe.

Next stop – Grand Teton – one of my favorite places on earth.

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